I'm very conscious about the environment and the world we live in and try to make as much of a difference as possible.

Beautiful, organic essential oils are used in a diffuser to welcome you into my treatment space.

Organic, natural, plant based and vegan products are used in my Holistic FacialReflexology, Ear Candle, Reiki and Massage treatments, all of which have recyclable, re-useable or compostable product containers.

Treatment sarongs are my first choice to use instead of towels in all of the treatments I offer as they take less time to dry, and are washed using eco friendly laundry detergent.

I use biodegradable ear buds for removing make-up, re-usable spatulas for decanting products, washable facial sponges and pads in my Holistic Facial treatment and washable sponges for cleansing the feet in my Reflexology treatment.

Please take a little look at my product page at the beautiful products I have chosen to use in each treatment.  

I'm constantly looking for other ways to improve my eco approach and my ultimate aim is to have a totally waste-free business.