Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage


60 minutes £35

Lomilomi is a unique and beautiful form of massage derived from the ancient Polynesians.


During a Lomilomi massage I will use continuous, wave-like, fluid movements which work gently but deeply into the muscles.  It is an extremely relaxing treatment which enables to body and mind to totally ‘let go’.


What to expect

You will be given a pair of paper pants to wear for this treatment as your body is completely covered in coconut oil.  You will initially lie on the massage couch on your front and will be covered with a treatment sarong.

 I will fold/tuck the treatment sarong into your paper pants to create the shape of bikini bottoms.  You will be on a heated couch so you will not feel cold and will at no point be fully exposed.


I will gently cover the whole of the back of your body in warm coconut oil and using continuous, intuitive, wave-like, fluid movements, will massage you gently but deeply into the muscles.


I will then assist you in turning over onto your back so the front of your body can be massaged in the same way.  Your breasts will be exposed at this point or covered with a small treatment sarong if preferred.


Lomilomi works on a holistic level by assisting the body in the release of any energy blockages and creating a sense of total well-being.