Pregnancy Massage
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60 minutes £40

Gentle to medium pressure is used to improve circulation and ease muscle tension and the problems associated with pregnancy such as back pain, swollen legs, nausea and cramp and provide you with an enjoyable, relaxing and memorable experience.


A range of movements to ease muscle tension and to relax the muscles will be used during the treatment.


What to expect

A detailed consultation will take place where you and I can discuss any issues or problems you are experiencing during your pregnancy and see where massage can help you.  The aim is for you to get the absolute most out of this beautiful, nurturing treatment and for you to have some time out for you to relax before your lovely new baby arrives.


You will be asked to remove all clothing apart from your lower underwear and you will be covered with a towel and treatment sarong.  The towel and treatment sarong will be adjusted to expose each area I am massaging as I work around your body and I will ensure you feel completely comfortable throughout the massage.

You will lie comfortably on a treatment couch heated to your desired temperature, and will be on your side for the majority of the treatment.  Your head, tummy, knees and wherever else required will be supported by lots of lovely pillows.


I will massage your back, neck and shoulders, then your arms and legs.  I will then assist you to lie on your back for a short period of time (elevated and tilted slightly to ensure unrestricted blood flow to your baby), your face will be lightly massaged, followed by a gentle tummy massage (optional) which is not only enjoyable for mummy but for baby too! Your treatment will finish with a gentle foot massage.

Correct and safe positioning will be ensured by me throughout your treatment.

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