I only use organic, natural and vegan products in my treatments due to my commitment to cleansing the body and reducing toxins.

I use Neal’s Yard products as there is so much choice and something for everyone.  Their skincare ranges are fantastic and the products not only feel great on the skin but are a sensory delight too!


The products are made from natural and organic ingredients.  They aren’t tested on animals, the ingredients are sourced via fair-trade methods and they only use natural colours and fragrances.  The beautiful blue bottles and packaging are also 100% recyclable.


I use Songbird Naturals Reflexology & Massage waxes as they are made from a natural blend of oils and beeswax and they do not test on animals.  I also use their recently launched range of vegan waxes which are just as gorgeous!

The waxes feel lovely on your skin and leave you beautifully moisturised and the different scents smell wonderful!  I think their 'birdie branding’ is pretty cool too!

I use BioSun Traditional Ear Candles which are made using 100% natural ingredients with the scent of honey, sage and camomile.  BioSun is the trusted market leader in ear candles and they have 30 years experience in the field.  There are cheaper alternatives on the market but I feel these ones are the absolute best which is why I have chosen to use them in my treatments.