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60 minutes £35

Zone therapy of the foot involving the application of pressure to heal and relieve.

Reflexology works using the reflex points within the foot.  I will use various techniques to stimulate these reflexes each of which is associated with different parts of the body.

Following a reflexology treatment some clients have reported better sleep patterns, feeling less stressed and more positive and that they have an overall sense of well-being.


What to expect

You will sit or lie on a treatment couch with your shoes and socks/tights removed. 


I will work up to your knee so trousers should also be removed or rolled up.  You will be covered with a treatment sarong or blanket throughout the treatment and only the area(s) being worked on will be exposed at any one time.


I will work through each of the reflexes on your feet and will ‘feel’ any problem areas within the body which can then be worked on and stimulated further.  The colour and shape of the feet can also indicate issues to me.


Once the reflexes have been stimulated, the body can start to heal itself and start to create ‘balance’ within.